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Alok Headshot_B&W.jpg

Alok Bajracharya

Project Coordinator 


Bachelor of Architecture

Tribhuwan University, Nepal

Master in Infrastructure Planning
Stuttgart University, Germany

Master of Architecture
University of Memphis


Associate AIA

American Institute of Architects

His passion lies in understanding how abstract concepts and drawings on paper evolve into physical structures, encompassing intricate details, materials, and technical considerations. He enjoys the challenges and problem-solving opportunities that arise during this phase, as well as the collaborative nature of working with various professionals and stakeholders to bring the design to fruition. In addition to his architecture practice, he is also interested in researching the revitalization of neighborhoods through transit-oriented development.


Aside from his passion for architecture, he has a keen interest in understanding new cultures and religions, as well as studying world culture and history.

RESPONSIBILITY: BIM Modeling & Design, Construction Documentation

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