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Memphis Fire Station #5:

Project Size: 12,000 SF

Completed: 2021

The Memphis Fire Department has always been deeply connected to the community that it serves and plays an integral role in maintaining safety for the citizens and visitors of Memphis. Through strategic placement and site design we were able to design a space that for the first time allows firefighters access to all of Downtown, North Memphis, and the continued development in the Medical District. The Fire Department sees this new building and site as literally giving them the opportunity to embrace downtown Memphis.

We also worked closely with the Department to develop design solutions for their unique program. The Fire Station will serve as a traditional fire house as well as provide meeting and assembly space for Fire Department administrative and social needs. The project includes 10 sleeping bunks, a full-service kitchen, day room, watch desk, fitness room, conference room and an apparatus bay for fire trucks. The resulting project is a 2-Story Victorian Style Fire Station that fits within the Historic Victorian community.  It was important that this project blended with the historical neighborhood aesthetic while also providing visual interest and addressing the programmatic needs of a community fire station.

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