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Deepti Deshpande

Project Manager

Bachelor of Architecture

Mumbai University, India 

Master of Architecture

University of Memphis

Licensed Professional Architect in India 

Working toward licensure in United States

American Institute of Architects

Memphis has been Deepti's home since 2007 and she loves every bit of it. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Mumbai, India and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Memphis. An emerging professional, artist and a creative enthusiast, Deepti passionately pursues the projects that she handles. Her love for transforming and creating minimalistic, fluid and innovative designs brings an energy to the process. She applies architectural knowledge to facilitate reasonable living spaces and believes that if engineered inventively, the integration of the old and new can create spectacular cityscapes. She has been involved in the design of commercial and mixed-use projects alongside site master planning, Historic preservation and Hospitality projects through her career.

The Memphis culture, Southern love and fried chicken, all have a special place in Deepti’s heart. When not working, she loves to write, paint, cook, bike and travel. She believes that courage, honesty, respect and benevolence are immensely important values to lead a fulfilling work and family life.


RESPONSIBILITY: Architectural Design, BIM modeling, Construction Documentation, Code Analysis and ADA integration, Project Management and Client Acquisition


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