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Liberty Bowl Locker Room:

Project Size: 7,500 SF

Completed: 2018

The theme from the beginning of the project focused on creating a modern futuristic atmosphere that utilized light and technology as the basis of design.  The  walls  and  columns  are  adorned  with  custom  sheet  metal  panels giving  the space a cool, modern aesthetic that also mimics the feel of an upscale club. Also incorporated was the use of soft backlit punched metal paneling in the Central Gathering area along the ceiling and down the back wall to create a sense of movement throughout the space and also celebrate its high volume.


A state-of-the-art sound system was added providing the necessary pre-game hype for the football team. The design team also incorporated metal paneling along the ceiling with color changing backlights throughout the player’s area to soften the visibility of the structural members as well as to carry the futuristic, club theme throughout the entire locker area. The color theme throughout the space paid homage to the colors of the U of M not only through paint but also through textiles and materials.

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